Our coaches are seasoned veterans and many have played softball and baseball at the college level. They not only bring years of coaching experience, but also a competitive spirit, a positive attitude, and specialized coaching plans to each practice and game. If you are interested in coaching a Comets team for the upcoming 2019-2020 season, please click here to apply.

Ashburn Comets 16U

The coaches for our Comets 16U team (B level) are Rob Puterio (head coach) and Mike Brokaw, Brian Blubaugh and Jesse Price (assistant coaches).
Players are Brooke Connolly, Camryn Puterio, Charlotte Monck, Danielle Powell, Devanghi Misra, Emily Hughes, Ginna Drummond, Hailee Blubaugh, Kate Brokaw, Lauren Price, Makayla Reed and Tanisha Desai.

Ashburn Comets 16U - Black

We are the Comets 16U - Black team (B level). Our coaches are Debbie Yanez (head coach), Shannon Frohm, Cary Kinney, John Yu, Paul Vayo and Chris Lemieux. Players are Katie Frohm, Alyssa Hough, Lauren Lemieux, Nina Luangrath, Lilly MacDonald, Emma Meehan, Alyssa Raymond, Aiyana Trammel, Anna Vayo, Gabby Warner, Julia Yanez and Sabrina Yu.

Ashburn Comets 14U - Black

The coaches for our Comets 14U - Black team are Glenn Sutherland (head coach), Amanda Cadolino, Laura Lobb and Suzie Creech. Players are Abby Adams, Alyssa Cadolino, Emma Celentano, Ashlyn Creech, Grace Hannah, Carley Lobb, Ianinia Rivera-Millan, Charlotte Moore, Abby Rumbaugh, Teagan Sutherland, Annie Waisley and Sammie Zerfas.

Ashburn Comets 12U - Black

The coaches for our Comets 12U - Black team are Mike Brody (head coach) and Tom Lynch. Players are Ava Beltran, Sophia Brody, Raegan Farley, Kyla Fuller, Katie Lynch, Ava Mapp, Jadyn Martin, Andraya Santos, Hannah Shamieh, Hannah Visser and Ava Zaneis.

Ashburn Comets 10U - Black

The coaches for our Comets 10U - Black team are Chris Robinson (head coach), James Kendrick and Pat Moriarty. Players are Ashley Robinson, Avery Kendrick, Keelin Moriarty, Peyton Berry, Reese Guenst, Anna Dawson, Abby Barker, Cassie Divins, Shelby Young, Ashley Mosser, Avery Mosser and Ava Schrank.

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