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Our coaches are seasoned veterans and many have played softball and baseball at the college level. They not only bring years of coaching experience, but also a competitive spirit, a positive attitude, and specialized coaching plans to each practice and game.

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2021 - 2022 Comets Teams:

2021 Fall - 18U Yanez.jpg
Ashburn Comets 18U - Black

We are Comet’s 18U - Black. Our coaches are Debbie Yanez (head coach), Amanda Cadolino, Shannon Frohm, and John Yu. Our players are (left to right): Alyssa Hough, Alyssa Cadolino, Abby Stern, Sabrina Yu, Gabby Warner, Kendall Rock, Alyssa Raymond, Katie Frohm, and Julia Yanez.

2021 Fall - 16U Sutherland.jpg
Ashburn Comets 16U - White

The coaches for our Comets 16U - White team are Glenn Sutherland (head coach), Amanda Cadolino, Laura Lobb and Suzie Creech. Players are Corina Alvarez #77, Alyssa Cadolino #14, Emma Celentano #7, Ashlyn Creech #10, Grace Hannah #1, Carley Lobb #22, Alysa Logreco #3, Charlotte Moore #34, Abby Rumbaugh #0, Teagan Sutherland #20, and AnneMarie Waisley #27.

2021 Spring - 14U Wissing - USSSA State Runner-up.jpg
Ashburn Comets 14U - White

The head coach for our Comets 14U - White team is Don Wissing. Players are Allison Clark #17, McKinley Cook #22, Kyla Fuller #31, Kathryn Hutton #4, Ava Mapp #12, Megan McNally #11, Cailin Mitchell #27, Kylee Pett #50, Riley Picinich #9, Hannah Shamieh #13, Tori Thompson #21, Hannah Visser #3, and Allie Wissing #25.

2021 Spring - 12U Brody Firecracker Runner-up.jpg
Ashburn Comets 14U - Black

The coaches for our Comets 14U - Black team are Mike Brody (head coach) and Jason Collins. Players are Ava Beltran #19, Riley Bensimon #5, Sophia Brody #10, Brooke Choate #4, Abby Collins #3, Katie Collins #51, Maria Dintini #22, Hailey Farrell #2, Riley Picinich #9, Rachel Simmons #7, and Ava Zaneis #34.

2021 Fall - 12U Robinson.jpg
Ashburn Comets 12U - White

The coaches for our Comets 12U - White team are Chris Robinson (co-head coach), Pat Moriarty (co-head coach), Kevin Mosser, and Jim Sayers. Players are #4 Juliet S, #5 Keelin M, #7 Kylie P, #9 Erin G, #10 Lexie R, #11 Ashley M, #14 Ashley R, #16 Emelyn K., #22 Avery M,#40 Tiffany V, #44 Hannah R.

2021 Fall - 11U Osgood Stingrays Runner Up.jpeg
Ashburn Comets 11U - Black

We are the Comets 11U Black moving to 12U Open/B in the Fall of 2022! We are wrapping up our 2022 season with a 22-7 in class team record and finished in the top 3 or better in 7 of our 11 USSSA tournaments! In addition, we played in 5 USA/USSSA open tournaments that pushed our development against A and B level 12U teams and are ready to win at the next level!

Our Coaches Dan Osgood (Head Coach) and Ted Kramer have extensive National level Softball Coaching experience that focuses on Attitude, Commitment and effort to provide the development and skills to compete at the level required! We strive to keep things positive and fun so that our teams really enjoy playing the game! In addition, we have fantastic support from our team parents on and off the field from Coaching, Video support, Game Changer and organizing events!

Our Players are #2 Aubree, #7 Lilah, #8 Isabelle, #10 Abby, #11 Sophia, #12 Harper, #13 Jezlynn, #15 Anjelica, #16 Hailey, #22 Claire, #99 Lanie